Erin O’Reilly receives Matt-the-Cat Award

June 26, 2018









Even though she no longer serves as a Block Captain, Erin O’Reilly took the initiative to organize an Alley Clean-Up Blitz for 3800 Humphrey, inviting neighbors to participate by email and door-to-door flyers. She registered the project with BrightsideSTL and received marigold and dianthus seedlings for volunteers to plant in public areas. Despite the intense heat, over ten neighbors turned out to help clean the alley between Humphrey and Wyoming on a Saturday morning.  Erin has lived on the block since 1986. In addition to previously serving as a Block Captain and authoring articles for the Tower Grove Heights Gazette, she continues to deliver it to every household on 3800 Humphrey.  Many thanks, Erin, for your ongoing commitment to the neighborhood!