3800 Humphrey Alley Blitz

May 26, 2018

Kudos to Erin O’Reilly for organizing the alley clean-up between Humphrey and Wyoming!

It was a hot day but a lot was accomplished by a group of dedicated 3800 Humphrey neighbors including Jay, Sandy, Celine, Ralph, Jason, Karen, Carole, Patty, Joe, Georgiana (and daughters), Cleo, Helen, Katy, Robert, and Patty.  Erin & Jay have lived on the block since 1986.  Sandy has lived there since 1974!

Many thanks to all!



2017 Tower Grove Heights AND Nextdoor “Neighborhood Hero” – Tom Reitenbach

1/25/2018 – Update:  Tom was additionally recognized by St. Louis Nextdoor as a 2017 “Neighborhood Hero.”

11/28/2017 – 2017 Tower Grove Heights “Neighborhood Hero”

Tom Reitenbach, along with his wife, and their children, is a longtime resident of Tower Grove Heights and has given his time and expertise over many years to support our area by volunteering as the webmaster of our neighborhood website (www.towergroveheights.com) as well as serving as the distribution director for our neighborhood newsletter, the Gazette.

In his capacity as webmaster, which is a huge responsibility in itself, he also sets up alias email addresses for TGH Block Captains, TGHNA Board members, Committee Chairs and other positions  so that email can be forwarded to the individual in a particular position. He is very accessible and accommodating whenever asked to add something new to the website and implements requests for changes very quickly.



As distribution director of the Gazette, Tom makes sure Block Captains and other designated deliverers receive enough copies of the newsletter for their block.  As if these two major on-going commitments are not enough, Tom also serves as a Block Captain for 3800 Juniata where he helps to organize the block party for 3600/3700-3800 Juniata. Tom is a consummate professional and tremendous asset both as a neighbor and volunteer.

Congratulations, Tom – a well-deserved honor!



Tricia Heliker honored as “Community Volunteer”




Longtime Tower Grove Heights resident and former TGHNA Board Member, Tricia Heliker, received a 2017 Community Volunteer Service Award at the Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation (TGNCDC) annual “All in for Change” event at The Vault at the Southside Tower.  Congratulations, Tricia, and thanks for your years of service to the neighborhood!




100 Neediest Cases 2017


Our Tower Grove Heights annual donation drive has made the news this year!



A new way to help the needy in a holiday campaign steeped in tradition
100 Neediest Cases campaign, now in its 95th year, adds a crowdfunding element.


The two families we are contributing to have been identified for the 2017 season.  For a list of gift suggestions or to make a financial contribution, click on the “100 Neediest” tab on the home page on or before December 15.

Sincere gratitude to Ellen Wilson, TGHNA 100 Neediest Cases Chair, for her ongoing leadership of this project.

Questions? 100neediest@towergroveheights.com 


TGHNA 30th Anniversary Pictures


Did you know?

Tower Grove Heights Neighborhood Association has partnered with the South Grand Community Improvement District to adopt the northbound bus stop near S. Grand and Juniata!

Adopt-A-Stop is a bus stop sponsorship program where businesses, organizations and individuals are invited to adopt neighborhood MetroBus stops. The goal of the program is to keep bus stops – and the communities served by MetroBus – clean, attractive and free from litter.